Documenting the rings, whether at weddings or engagement sessions, is one of my favorite things to do. It’s an opportunity to really be creative and it’s just plain awesome getting to play with such beautiful pieces of jewelry! For my fellow photog friends, these are all shot with my Canon 100 2.8 macro (L series). Most of these are shot in natural light…a couple of them are shot using my handy dandy video light. I shoot at least two ring shots during an engagement session or wedding day…one in a traditional fashion and then in a more editorial, environmental and/or fun way.

2015 RINGS 058
2015 RINGS 001
2015 RINGS 002
2015 RINGS 003
2015 RINGS 004
2015 RINGS 005
2015 RINGS 006
2015 RINGS 007
2015 RINGS 008
2015 RINGS 009
2015 RINGS 010
2015 RINGS 012
2015 RINGS 013
2015 RINGS 014
2015 RINGS 018
2015 RINGS 019
2015 RINGS 020
2015 RINGS 021
2015 RINGS 022
2015 RINGS 023
2015 RINGS 025
2015 RINGS 027
2015 RINGS 028
2015 RINGS 029
2015 RINGS 031
2015 RINGS 033
2015 RINGS 034
2015 RINGS 035
2015 RINGS 036
2015 RINGS 038
2015 RINGS 039
2015 RINGS 040
2015 RINGS 041
2015 RINGS 042
2015 RINGS 044
2015 RINGS 045
2015 RINGS 046
2015 RINGS 047
2015 RINGS 049
2015 RINGS 050
2015 RINGS 051
2015 RINGS 052
2015 RINGS 054
2015 RINGS 055
2015 RINGS 057
2015 RINGS 059
2015 RINGS 062
2015 RINGS 063
2015 RINGS 065
2015 RINGS 066
2015 RINGS 067
2015 RINGS 068
2015 RINGS 069
2015 RINGS 070
2015 RINGS 071
2015 RINGS 073
2015 RINGS 077
2015 RINGS 078

I remember when my business was starting to grow and I took my husband out one afternoon, trying to teach him how to use a camera, in an effort to get a decent picture of me so that I could put it on my website. That picture, complete with black elastic rubber band on my wrist, was proudly showcased on my blog for a good year. And, while it did the trick and couples were able to put a name with the face, it left little for them to identify  with who I was as a person.

Last year, I asked my good friend, Emil of Slice of Lime Photography, if she could take pictures of me in my studio, not because my husband couldn’t use a camera but because I wanted something that was more representative of me and my photography brand. I knew that Emil understood where I was going with my look and what I was looking for in pictures.

I LOVE what she was able to capture of me.

I know there are ALOT of you out there that need/want a good set of pictures that represent you and your brand and since I am a firm believer of paying it forward, I want to help. On Saturday, February 20, I’ll be offering FREE head shots to creatives that would like new pictures of themselves for their website, blog or portfolio. All you have to do to secure your spot is to send me an email. That’s it. No essay, no reason, nothing other than your desire to want to move your business forward and hopefully pay it forward to someone else down the road.

Here are the details…

  • Portrait sessions will be held on Saturday, February 20, 2016 and is open to any creative, small business owner…not just photographers
  • Session will be held at Isabel March Photography Studio, 21B N. 7th Street, Perkasie, PA
  • Sessions are 15 minutes long and include two free digital downloads of your choice
  • Select your timeslot: 9am, 930am, 10am, 1030am, 11am, 1130am, 1pm, 130pm, 2pm, 230pm, 3pm, 330pm, 4pm ALL FILLED!
  • Email me at to reserve your spot

Last time I offered these sessions they went super fast and we all had a great time so, don’t miss out this time! (click on the link to check them out!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.27.24 AM

In keeping with Announcement Week…it’s the return of the Little Love Portraits!

CORA 002
Little Love Portraits are FREE. They’re my way of spreading love! So, bring your sweetheart, bring yourself or bring your little ones. Here are the details…

  • Little Love Portraits will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2016
  • Session will be held at Isabel March Photography Studio, 21B N. 7th Street, Perkasie, PA
  • Sessions are 15 minutes long and include one free digital download of your choice (additional product available a la carte via online gallery)
  • Select your timeslot: 9am930am10am1030am11am1130am1pm130pm2pm, 230pm, 3pm330pm4pm430pm  ALL FILLED UP!
  • Email me at to reserve your spot