Plus One: Emily and AJ

If ever I were to create a list of my favorite people on this Earth, Emily and AJ would be near the top.

Those that visit know the story…I started this business and Emily and AJ trusted me to document their love story. They are the founders of Isabel March Photography and for all of the encouragement, support, friends and family that they’ve sent my way and honest friendship, I am forever grateful to them. They are the kind of people that just have a genuine, loving soul. They are an amazing couple, loving parents to two, almost three, fantastic kids, they come from a ridiculously amazing family whom I’ve come to know and adore as my own, their friends are just as amazing….just all around awesome people.

It’s been such an honor to document their lives and be included as I have over the past 6 years. And truth be told…they’re fantastic to photograph. Look at them…they’re gorgeous!

Willouer 001
Willouer 002
Willouer 003
Willouer 004
Willouer 005
Willouer 006
Willouer 007
Willouer 008


The Studio: Everyday vignettes

It’s the everyday stuff that makes this studio home. Since it was showcased last week, I received a flood of emails and texts asking for details on some of the items in the big pictures. Let’s go on a tour…

I got the monster hat on Etsy.

imp studio 001

Mike started a collection of vintage cameras forever ago. They’re on display on the shelves. He also painted that heart for me.

imp studio 002
imp studio 003
imp studio 004

I love my album company, Album Crafters. They’re fabulous and continuously spoil me with their amazingness!

imp studio 003

I collect gumball machines. My desk is always messy.

imp studio 005

I spend way too much time packaging goodies. But, I love it.

imp studio 006
imp studio 007

The vintage windows are original to the building. The landlord was replacing them and we were in need of windows for my grand sticky note project. Done and done. The collage wall took Melissa and I three days to put together.

imp studio 008

This is how the studio is set up right now. Tomorrow, it may be different. I love how much space there is to play in…

imp studio 009

Coffee station one of two.

imp studio 010

Mike’s chair. Fact: During the construction of the studio, my office had to be extended by 3 feet to accommodate Mike’s chair. When he visits, that’s where he sits. My friend, Nicole, took that picture of my people. I heart it. My friend, Caitlin, gifted me that pencil with the glasses. I use it to write important notes with. I have an obsession with washi tape. Nico made that pencil holder for me. He’s not available for commission…he only makes them for his momma.

imp studio 011

I like candles. And the windows in my office. Oh, and the lady that lives across the way is a nudist. Um.Yeah. Awkward.

imp studio 012

I like adding cinnamon to my latte.

imp studio 013
Pictures. More pictures.
imp studio 014

Stuff that’s just laying around…

imp studio 015
My Ona bags. I big, fat, red puffy heart them. That wallpaper. OMG! Best decision ever…I’m never telling Mike how much I spent on it. Those prints are from Etsy, too.
imp studio 016

That’s my momma. She’s so beautiful and I miss her terribly. That orange picture? That’s me. I was 5 years old.

imp studio 017

I’m obsessed with Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13. Mike scored that autographed picture for me of “the boys”… That’s my personal white board. I got it from Ikea. That’s my favorite picture ever of Nico. He’s admiring a llama that was in the petting zoo that was set up in our yard.

imp studio 018

I also collect coffee mugs. That’s my momma and me when I was 3…we were posing next to our family Nova. Good times.

imp studio 019

The production boards in the production room. They’re paneling boards from Lowe’s. One documents our album production. The other displays our monthly calendar. That’s Melissa’s desk. It’s way cleaner than mine.

imp studio 020

This is where we house all of our mailing stuff and charge batteries and store client folders.  Le sigh…the wallpaper.

imp studio 021

imp studio 022

Oh, hey…and that’s me! Hi! My door is always open for visitors…sometimes Warhol the husky and Sophie the Cockatoo are here, too. They really like visitors.

imp studio 023