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IMP STUDIO WORKSHOP: Capturing the joy of kids

In looking through pictures taken last night, I realize that I talk way too much with my hands…


…but that’s NOT what this post is about! This post is about the free MAY WORKSHOP!

I have four kids, two cockatoos and an amazing husky puppy. They’re all ridiculously documented. And I always get the question…”how do you get them all to look so natural and happy for you and the camera?!” So…May’s workshop is all about photographing those little cuties and capturing images that exude happy, joyful moments and expressions; capturing kid/parent interaction filled with laughter; and sharing techniques that create a captivating story through pictures. 

Addison 021 IMP WORKSHOP


IMP Studio Workshop: Strike A Pose

Last night I hosted April’s workshop at the studio. We chatted all about posing and had a blast! Below are some of the tips that I shared with the group before we went outside to catch the last little bit of light with Melissa and Brad.

  • Look for amazing light. Light over location…any day! (The images below were taken in a busy parking lot and in a dirty alley)
  • Know your gear. Be confident in your abilities as a photographer.
  • Educate your client on how to prepare for the shoot and what to expect during the shoot.
  • Arrive early, scout the location and develop a plan prior to your clients’ arrival. Once your client arrives, discuss your plan.
  • Don’t over complicate a pose. The best pose is a natural and organic pose that just flows.
  • Show as well as tell…Give clear directions and mirror what you’d want your clients to do. (Tip: Practice poses in the mirror  to make sure that they look natural)
  • Use your clients’ names and give positive feedback. Talk to your clients during the shoot. Engaging in conversation relaxes everyone. Bonus…if you’re having fun, you’re guaranteed a natural smile/laugh. You never want to ask for a cheesy “smile!”
  • Always have your camera at the ready…you never know when something amazing is going to happen.
  • Don’t forget to move! Pick up your feet and walk around your client, lay on the floor, squat down…look at the same pose in a different perspective.
  • Establish go-to poses in case you get stuck. AND…if you get super stuck, just go for a walk with your client. Sometimes taking a second to breathe and walk it off will give you new perspective.
  • Tell the story…shoot environmental things, too.
  • Take a deep breath and have fun…it will ensure that your clients will have fun too!

MissandBrad 001
MissandBrad 002
MissandBrad 003
MissandBrad 004
MissandBrad 005

And then, we took the shoot indoors…

MissandBrad 006
MissandBrad 007
MissandBrad 008
MissandBrad 009
MissandBrad 010
MissandBrad 011
MissandBrad 012
MissandBrad 013


Lights, Camera, Fashion!

There’s a green jacket in the window that I’ve been eyeing up every time I pass by it… Spring is finally here and it’s great to walk around this cute little town of Perkasie and see all of the stores decorating their windows and shops for the new season. For those of you that have visited the studio you know that on the first floor there’s this cute little fashion boutique, Frox, and this super chic salon and color studio, Bliss. I’m thrilled that together we’re hosting a Spring fashion show in a few weeks!

Tickets are going fast so I figured I’d post a little somethin’ somethin’ to ensure that I’d be seeing a bunch of familiar faces at the studio on Thursday, May 1. There’s a champagne reception starting at 7pm and the fashion show starting at 8pm at the studio. There’s also an after party complete with cupcakes. So…make sure to get your tickets, come say hi and share a cupcake and cocktail with me!

Tickets can be purchased HERE.



Plus One: Emily and AJ

If ever I were to create a list of my favorite people on this Earth, Emily and AJ would be near the top.

Those that visit know the story…I started this business and Emily and AJ trusted me to document their love story. They are the founders of Isabel March Photography and for all of the encouragement, support, friends and family that they’ve sent my way and honest friendship, I am forever grateful to them. They are the kind of people that just have a genuine, loving soul. They are an amazing couple, loving parents to two, almost three, fantastic kids, they come from a ridiculously amazing family whom I’ve come to know and adore as my own, their friends are just as amazing….just all around awesome people.

It’s been such an honor to document their lives and be included as I have over the past 6 years. And truth be told…they’re fantastic to photograph. Look at them…they’re gorgeous!

Willouer 001
Willouer 002
Willouer 003
Willouer 004
Willouer 005
Willouer 006
Willouer 007
Willouer 008