For some reason, I can preach a good one on how to push yourself, get out of your shell, make your wildest dreams come true because, after all, if you really set your mind to it, you can do anything. However, when it comes to following my own advice, I really suck at it. I always seem to come up with the best excuses on why things just don’t happen…not enough time, not enough money, not enough whatever. This time I really just have no excuse.

A few weeks ago it all started to happen. People…other than my own family, actually let me take a picture or two or 187 of them. One of the first opportunities I had was with a friend of mine and her truly awesome daughter. We chatted about scrapbooking, which is how we met, and gossiped about trends as I snapped photos of Miss A. I managed to get her momma in a couple — although I know she was reluctant — Miss is my MAC lipstick on. We had a great time and I was surprised to find what was on my camera card when I got home.

It took me a while to figure out the beast that is Photoshop. Really? Could it be any more difficult?! But 4 manuals, lots of visual examples and succumbing to actually taking a course in it later, I came up with these…a few of my favs from one of my very first photoshoots.

Thanks ladies, for breaking me out of my shell.

  • scrapandthecity

    no thank you!. it was such a treat to be your subjects!
    best wiches to you on everything you do!


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