The Boy King

Anyone that knows me knows that I have this insatiable draw to anything Egyptian. If ever I’m asked what period of time I could go back and travel to I always answer the same…anywhere around the time of Ramses or Tut. It’s just simply fascinating to me. I’ve watched every Discovery Channel documentary, every Dr. Zahi Hawass interview, anything Egyptian and I’m there.

So you would think that I would have run to Philly to catch the Tut exhibit that has been there since February, right? Nope. I waited until nearly the last possible day to go. Luckily, we checked online before we schlepped to the Ben Franklin Institute because we needed to get tickets in advance…nothing like reserving them on Wednesday for the Friday visit!

We caught the IMAX showing of Secrets of the Mummies — totally cool. The exhibit was really neat too. It was full of artifacts that were found in Tut’s tomb back in 1922…nearly 3000 years since they had been laid to rest beneath the earth. And for those of you that are wondering…no…Tut didn’t make the trip from Egypt. He was left behind. Regardless, Mike and I really enjoyed the morning that we got to spend at the Institute. The only bummer was the fact that the museum staff made it emphatically clear that no photos were allowed : ( So the only images I were able to get were ones of Ben…greeting us in the lobby.

  • scrapandthecity

    dawn is facinated with all things egypt too. the exhibit and imax film were cool. love the pic of ben.


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