From across a crowded field…

Now I know why I’ve never been too excited to go on a hayride…what seems to be Pennsylvania’s staple activity as soon as fall hits. I nearly hurled as the hay filled cart that we were being lugged in bumped along behind its tractor. Nonetheless, we were on our way to pick our yearly pumpkin. Normally, we just go to a farm and pick from a parking lot full of pumpkins. However, this year, Mike decided that we should pick our own…in a field…in the dirt…with the kids. So after driving nearly 50 minutes through the Lehigh Valley, we arrived at Seiple’s Farm. Pumpkins and fall activities galore!

We were dropped off in the middle of a pumpkin field…miles of corn, pumpkins and ghords around us. The kids took off with their bags and picked nearly every little pumpkin they could lay their hands on. I tried not to get vines and twigs stuck in my flip flops.

We decided that since we were picking all the oddities of the patch that we would pick out some corn too…and a hay bail…to decorate the front of the house. Not having watched Children of the Corn, Mike braved it and went in to pick it.

As soon as we started walking back with the loot that we had plundered, I spotted him. He was across the field. The sun on his back. The perfect pumpkin that would adorn our front porch this Halloweenie season!

I was a good 30 feet away, but I knew that he was the pumpkin that I wanted for our front porch. The kids and I were giddy as Mike grunted at how heavy he was.

I couldn’t wait to get him back to the farm to see how big he was. And when he was plopped on the scale it read 41 pounds! Crazy! What was even crazier was with all the stuff we bought the bill only came out to a little over $12!

So after riding some ponies, checking out the farm animals and loading up the car with out loot, we headed back to civilization. Good times were had at the farm in the middle of nowhere, but next time, I think I’ll pass on the hayride.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what we ended up bringing home…here’s some of the Halloweenie decor I’ve managed to put up.

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