Word to your mother

A bit of Nico randoms that I don’t want to forget…

1. SpongeBob is out. Horror flicks are in. You’re big into Slenderman and all things scary. Though, the other day I dared you to go play Slenderman down in the basement and you said, “only if Dog Dog can go with me.” Proof that although you claim to be “a man”, you’re still my little kid.

2. You eat as much as your father. Jeez…the grocery bill is sky rocket and I fear for my wallet when you become a teenager.

3. I have to peel you out of your military garb and beg you to wear something else.

4. You love to sleep. I seriously have to pry the bed sheets off you every morning as you beg for “just 5 more minutes.”

5. You’ve finally developed a love for reading…phew!

6. The violin. It’s nice to know that you’re out of the phase of sounding like an serenading alley cat. You can actually read and play music 🙂

7. You sing in the shower.

8. You no longer believe in Santa but, still believe in the power of Christmas. Your Christmas list this year is still a mile long…full of military stuff.

9. You’re going hunting tomorrow for the first time. I’m mortified. You’re ecstatic!

10. I look at this picture that I snapped of you in “your city” and I immediately flash forward to when you’re 16. You love Sunday night dates with your dad and me in the city for dinner. I think it makes you feel all grown up and special because it’s just the three of us. I love it, too.

Love you,