Meet Warhol

This post has been 7 years in the making. Nicholas has been wanting a dog for 7 long years. Christmas lists, birthday wishes, Easter baskets, any given Wednesday…he’s just always wanted a dog.

We’re moving at the end of this month and so Mike and I finally figure that NOW is the time. Last Thursday, Mike and I went to the Delaware County SPCA and immediately fell in love with this hound, who’s name wasn’t originally Warhol, and he immediately fell in love with us. He had been at the shelter for barely three days and it feels as though he was there just waiting for us. After playing with him and bonding with him a little bit, we filled out his paperwork and were ready to bring in Nicholas to meet him (the final step for the SPCA adoption to go through). After driving and hour home, waiting for Nicholas and then driving an hour back, as soon as Nicholas realized where we were and what we were there for, Mike and I knew that we had done the best thing ever for both Warhol and Nicholas. Our boy started jumping up and down with watery eyes and a big, fat grin and was the happiest ever when he met Warhol. They’ve hit it off great!

After being home with us for 5 days I can honestly say that he’s definitely meant for us. At a little over a year old, he’s an amazingly well behaved pup. He knows basic commands (clearly, the family that had him before us did a great job with him) and is just a lover.

As for Sophie, well…she’s doing great, too and is adjusting to having him around. They really don’t pay that much attention to each other and when they do, it’s usually because Sophie instigates the meeting.

So, Warhol…welcome to our family! You are, already, so very loved!

Today, Warhol came to the studio for a visit…