Lessons in life

Eighteen years, two months and eleven days ago, I was gifted a tiny crystal pacifier with a dainty pink bow and the itty bittiest of a pink heart. It was a little something to commemorate your birthday. You may have seen it in my jewelry box as you borrowed a pair of earrings or snagged a chunky necklace…never giving it much of a thought as it just laid there. I was holding you in my arms when it was given to me and was told that it symbolized a few things…

Clarity. In the darkest of moments, we all find a clarity that will pacify our thoughts and illuminate the path we need follow. Though sometimes the path isn’t the one we should initially be on, we eventually find our way and learn from the mistakes we’ve made along the way. You’re smart and no doubt, when the road gets bumpy, you’ll find peace of mind, a steadfast heart and knowledge to  do what’s right.

Brilliance. To remind me to let you shine and to never let that brilliance dull despite trial, tribulations and obstacles that may make life and relationships difficult. You have a way about yourself that shines through even the thickest of fogs. You make those around you smile. You give me a happiness in life that is like no other.

Fragility. To remind us that things are fragile. Relationships. Pieces of crystal. Dainty pink ribbons. Life. Cherish every moment…you never know what you have until it’s no longer yours.

Worth. To remind me that life with you is priceless and that our relationship is worth more than either of us could ever put a price on. Value yourself. Value others. Value what is given to you. Value time and conversation and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Love. The human heart is about the size of a fist. And while that may not seem too big, the amount of love that it holds is immeasurable. Love with all of your heart. Love until it hurts. Love without remorse. Love unconditionally.

Today, you graduate from high school. It’s a milestone that I’m very proud of you for. I’ll watch you walk across the stage and take footsteps towards an uncertain future…one that you will undoubtedly create a great impact with. And, while things tomorrow may seem different, just know that which ever road you’re on, one thing will always remain the same – i love you.

Happy Graduation Day.

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