2013 Behind the Scenes

BTS 2013 001

It’s that time of year where as photographers we go through all of our weddings and pull pictures that exhibit how glamorous and exhilarating shooting a wedding is. We get to reflect on what NOT to wear, what hairstyles make you look and feel less like a hot mess by 9pm and how carrying 10 pounds of gear really doesn’t make our wedding cake gut any less obvious.

I’ve discovered that we have amazing dance moves…especially after listening to Blurred Lines at every.single wedding… April

I’ve also discovered that I’m very hispanic in that I speak with my hands, that my hair is crazy long and that I can’t make a straight face when I know the camera is pointed in my direction…

BTS 2013 002 BTS 2013 003

All props of the beverage variety will be safely guarded while I trespass in a construction site…

BTS 2013 004

Making nice with the priest before the ceremony guarantees that we won’t get the stink eye…

BTS 2013 005

Night time photography is the best…especially in the freezing cold; It lets us practice our Flash Dance moves, right Vanessa?

BTS 2013 006

I take shooting details very seriously…

BTS 2013 007

Nicole LOVES hanging out to my left…

BTS 2013 008

Few few times throughout the season though, she opts for the right…

BTS 2013 009

Cake is a very serious business…

BTS 2013 010

So is making sure that everything runs on time, my couples are hydrated and happy and that everyone is having fun…

BTS 2013 011

We do more than shoot weddings. For instance, I hem dresses, affix pins, put on bling, bustle gowns, attach boutonnieres, tie bow ties…

BTS 2013 012

That time Melissa was giving the stink eye… BTS 2013 013

Hummm…see? It’s me with the face…again…

BTS 2013 014

Ohhh…The CheezeBooth! Never a dull moment 🙂

BTS 2013 015

Ha…that time I bought the wrong size umbrella and then insisted it was totally going to work. Fail. And let’s not discuss the baby octobank…

BTS 2013 016

Um…yeah. No idea.

BTS 2013 017

What happens when you have zero wind.

BTS 2013 018

Half way through the year, I perfected the sock bun. And the face? Well, I have no idea. According to my people, I do that face all the time.

BTS 2013 019

According to them, I make this face too.

BTS 2013 020

I’m a certified creeper.

BTS 2013 021

Oh hey…that perfect sock bun!

BTS 2013 022

Intense detail shooting. So intense that I didn’t even notice Melissa was creepin’ and shooting these pictures…

BTS 2013 023

And speaking of Melissa… She’s the BESTEST! She can totally hold a door with style…

BTS 2013 024 BTS 2013 025

…and pull dogs into The CheezeBooth! Even though Virgil is her dog and it was her brother’s wedding. Oh and hey…that’s me dancing to Blurred Lines…again.

BTS 2013 026

Competition is fierce…

BTS 2013 027 BTS 2013 030 BTS 2013 029

Sometimes, I put myself in time out.  BTS 2013 028

We also shoot with our iPhone. Can you find Melissa? She was documenting the fact that I was 20 feet up in the air, in a dress, so that she could tattle to Mike.

BTS 2013 031

Faces. So many faces…

BTS 2013 032 BTS 2013 033 BTS 2013 034 BTS 2013 035 BTS 2013 036 BTS 2013 037

Intense detail shooting…again…and creepin’…again…

BTS 2013 038 BTS 2013 039

Light testers extraordinaire… BTS 2013 040

That chicken sees so much action…

BTS 2013 041

BUT…in all reality…there’s no other job I’d rather be doing! 2013, you were a real slice! And ladies…you made it so.much.fun! Love you to pieces!

BTS 2013 042 BTS 2013 043

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