Plus One: Emily and AJ

If ever I were to create a list of my favorite people on this Earth, Emily and AJ would be near the top.

Those that visit know the story…I started this business and Emily and AJ trusted me to document their love story. They are the founders of Isabel March Photography and for all of the encouragement, support, friends and family that they’ve sent my way and honest friendship, I am forever grateful to them. They are the kind of people that just have a genuine, loving soul. They are an amazing couple, loving parents to two, almost three, fantastic kids, they come from a ridiculously amazing family whom I’ve come to know and adore as my own, their friends are just as amazing….just all around awesome people.

It’s been such an honor to document their lives and be included as I have over the past 6 years. And truth be told…they’re fantastic to photograph. Look at them…they’re gorgeous!

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