IMP Studio Workshop: It’s all in the details

I buffer time when I sit with a couple and help them prepare an itinerary for their wedding day. ALOT of time. Time for portraits. Time for running late. Time for dress snafus and bow tie issues. Most importantly, time for me to shoot details. It’s those little things that have taken so much time and love to prepare that add to the day…that complete the love story. And, I LOVE, love, love capturing them…from invitations, to rings to cake and everything in between. 

BUT…sometimes, they’re tricky little buggers or there are ALOT of them or you need special lighting or your just don’t know where to start. 

That’s what June’s FREE workshop at the studio is all about! Definitely bring your gear to this one…the design we’ve come up with is insane! 


  • I love shooting the little details of glances exchanged without anyone else taking notice. I also love photographing shoes, feet and hands – especially on big days like weddings! I’ve never attended your workshops before but would love to as I’ve heard so many great things! Thank you for offering this and hopefully we will meet soon.ReplyCancel

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