A dad named Mike

There once was a dad named Mike.
He taught them everything…the good, the bad, and even how to ride a bike.
He fixed all their boo boos, fed them mixed vegetables at night,
laughed at bad jokes, taught them wrong from right.

He teaches them history. He encourages a love of the arts.
He even laughs loudly when they let out a stinky fart.
He goes shopping for dresses, knows how to tie hair…
Washes and irons military uniforms with tender loving care.
He sings with them in the car. Wrestles on the living room floor,
Goes for neighborhood bike rides ’til the sun is no more.
He takes them to auctions and concerts, fairs and parks,
This dad named Mike loves them with all of his heart.

There are many dads out there…some of those awesome, too.
However, to this one named Mike, when he says, “I love you!” they say, “we love you, too!”

Happiest of father’s day to the best dad we know.

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