The importance of coffee

There are days, like today, where you just wished you went to an office, sat there for 8 hours, completed a project and at the end of the week collected a paycheck with all of the necessary deductions taken out…one where you just had to drive to the bank, stick in the little drive up tube and deposit. A job where you didn’t have to make all of the decisions, develop the plans, see the big picture. A job where you didn’t have to worry past 5pm, where you slept all night, one that didn’t consume half of your kitchen island and that didn’t warrant late night conversations with your other significant other that described your anxiety and fears.


But then, you look over to see that kid that you never saw before because you were always at the 9-5 in a previous life, you pet the doggie that’s keeping your toes warm, you read emails and text from happy people, you notice that it’s almost 10am and you’re still in your pajamas and you realize that all you need is more coffee to keep going and live that dream of a life you always dreamed of when you were pissy in a morning commute, stuck in an office, behind a desk for 8 hours doing what you didn’t absolutely love.

Go get more coffee.

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