10 years of us

Many of you already know the story…

He was upstairs in the shower, I was downstairs going over numbers and menu options for the big, fat wedding we had been planning. It was a random Thursday evening in April 2005. Somewhere in between the herb crusted Tilapia, surf and turf, and panko crusted chicken dinner options I was deciding on from our vendor menu, I twitched my lips as I do when I conjuring up a scheme, called the mayor of Souderton and asked what he was doing on Saturday morning. He said nothing and then I asked if he’d marry Mike and I early in the morning. He said yes. And with that, I kissed all of our vendor deposits goodbye and breathed a sigh of relief.

Ten minutes later, when Mike came downstairs, I asked him to call his mom because we needed a witness for Saturday morning. I also promised that I’d cook him all the chicken he wants over the course of our marriage.

Today marks ten years for our marriage. And really, it doesn’t seem like ten years. Granted, we’ve been together much longer than 10 years but 10 years as official Mr. and Mrs. and that, in today’s world, I feel means something. So much has changed. So much is yet to be done. And really, there’s no one else I’d rather experience the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly with.

Here’s to us and another 10 years!

Oh…and that fabulous wedding picture I’m holding? Well, because we ticked so many people off by eloping, we decided to hold a pig roast at our house on the day we were supposed to get married (July something or other). The night before, we decided to play dress up and take pictures in our living room. Mike’s standing behind me because he’s suit pants hadn’t been hemmed yet, our house had horrible tungsten lighting, the picture was shot on a 2.3 megapixel point and shoot. Good times, people…good times. The next day, I asked Mike to go and print out a picture for our party. This was the picture he chose and when Walmart…yes, Walmart (cringe), gave him back the still wet picture, Mike put it in a frame as a surprise for me. The picture is stuck on the glass. Ha!

2015 anniversary 1a

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