Personalizing Your Wedding Bouquet

A special way to personalize your wedding day is through your florals, specifically, your bridal bouquet. Adding special touches to it or customizing your bouquet to identify your personality just makes it that much more special…an heirloom to pass along to future generations. Over the years, I’ve had the amazing honor of photographing some amazing bouquets. Photographing those that have extra, personal touches that are completely unique have been my favorites. As you’re planning and designing your bouquet with your florist, below are some examples to get your creative minds flowing.

Considering the investment in florals, Laura created a bouquet that was organic, eco friendly and edible. The ladies at My Petal Pushers did not disappoint when bringing Laura’s vision to life. Her bouquet included, pears, artichokes, kale and wheat pieces.

personalized_wedding_bouquet 001

One option to consider when adding finishing touches to your bouquet is how to cover the stems. I’ve seen ideas from vintage lace off of the bride’s grandmother’s wedding dress to special handkerchiefs.

Moira added a vintage wrap and pin to cover up the stems on her bouquet.

personalized_wedding_bouquet 002

Sarah added a hankerchief that coordinated with her wedding color scheme.

personalized_wedding_bouquet 003

Heather’s something blue was a crochet handkerchief. She also added a personal locket to her bouquet. As a side note, her bridesmaids had blue lace, similar to what their gowns were made out of to wrap their bouquet stems with.

personalized_wedding_bouquet 004

Lauren carried her bouquet with a gorgeous cameo and a piece of family vintage lace

personalized_wedding_bouquet 005

As Rachel walked down the aisle, select guests handed her mini baby breath’s bouquets in order to complete her bouquet. Nick was the last one to add to her a bouquet. Not only was it an amazing way to recognize special family members and friends but it made her way down the aisle that much more memorable.

personalized_wedding_bouquet 006

Dana’s husband, Peter, is a bee keeper. The added touch of a bee to her bouquet was added for him. Adding long ribbons to your bouquet also adds dimension, color and texture to your bouquet.

personalized_wedding_bouquet 007

Liz carried a bouquet completely created from vintage pins that she obtained while shopping in vintage stores or from family members and friends

personalized_wedding_bouquet 008

Another idea that you can do to personalize your bouquet is to add a single stem of your favorite flower. In Aine’s case, it was a succulent.

personalized_wedding_bouquet 009

Oh, and let’s not forget about personalizing the groom’s boutonnière! In Lauren and Kevin’s recent wedding, Lauren surprised Kevin with pins from his favorite clothing line, Walk In Love. A special pin was also added to the ever adorable ring bearer.

personalized_wedding_bouquet 010Yet another way to personalize your bouquet is to honor someone that can’t be there…deceased parents or grandparents. Lockets with pictures, rosaries, neckties, tie pins or other personal effects are a perfect way to carry that unforgettable person close to you on your wedding day.
personalized_wedding_bouquet 012 personalized_wedding_bouquet 013Remember, there are no rules for your wedding. Have fun and make it your own! I’m excited to see what personal effect you add to your bouquet!

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