An Open Thank You Note to Apple

I guess I should thank Apple for last night. After all, it all started with their family sharing option…

There’s something magical in looking over at your child and thinking, “dude…you’re cool. I’d totally hang with you even if you weren’t my kid.” Last night, Nicholas and I took a random Monday night trip into New York City to watch Sting perform at Carnegie Hall. People that know me know my love for all things Sting and The Police so it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to know that I was at this concert last night. BUT…the fact that I was taking Nicholas raised a few eyebrows.

In a sea of Beliebers, Swifties and Drake, my boy jams to Sinatra, Timberlake, PitBull, Biggie and Sting…all courtesy of his mommas vast collection of tunes gathered from Apple iTunes. While, I admit, I’ve been known to rock out to T-Swift and certain Bieber songs and JT…well, we can all admit that JT is the man, my heart, in it’s entirety belongs to the 80’s and mostly to Sting.

So, when I, as a proud member of the Sting fan club, learned that he was performing at Carnegie Hall, I used the opportunity to gift Nicholas with the experience. Nicholas heard comments in school yesterday like, “You’re going where? On a school night? To see who?!” and he was chill as can be as we drove into the city and made our way to the venue. It wasn’t until Roxanne came on that I looked over at Nicholas and saw him singing the lyrics, owning the little seat dance he was doing and really enjoying the concert. Might I add…he was the only kid we saw in the entire venue and more than one person came up to him and shook his hand on his fine taste in music.

After the concert, we went to dinner…and while I ate a cheeseburger and this kid manchild enjoyed his salmon, I asked him if he had had a good time and his response? “Mom, I can’t wait to share a night like this with my kid.”

So, Apple…thank you. Thanks for providing me with hours and hours and hours of my favorite tunes but more importantly, for giving me the ability to share my love of music with my family…especially, with my kids.

Oh…and our seats…pretty freakin’ awesome. Here’s a quick little iPhone picture from the evening. Thanks, again, Apple…for the fabulous quality in a quick snapshot. 

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