Inn at Leola Village Wedding: Allison and Cody

A knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie. Therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, it makes your marriage that much harder to unravel.  With that rational, Allison and Cody are never going to run out of luck. This past Saturday had bunch of rain clouds, a little thunder, a whole lotta smiles and even more love and happiness. Together with their amazing family and friends, Cody and Allison were married in Harrisburg and celebrated their wedding day at The Inn at Leola Village.

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The fantastic vendors that made the day amazing for Allison and Cody…

Allison’s Dress: Christina Wu purchased at Renaissance Bridal
Cody’s Tux: Calvin Klein
Getting Ready Venue: Inn at Leola Village
Hair and Makeup: Destinations Salon at Leola Village
Stationary: Minted
Venue: Casa di Fiori at The Inn at Leola Village
Church: Cathedral Parish of St. Patrick
Florist: The Inn at Leola Village
Entertainment: Klock Entertainment
Cinematography: Cinema Four40
Photography: Isabel March Photography

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