Meredith Manor Wedding: Sarah and Al

Seven years went by fast.

It’s been seven years since I started documenting weddings and while it seems like a long time, it’s gone by so quickly that I didn’t really stop to grasp the longevity of it until this past weekend when I found myself at Meredith Manor documenting the wedding of Sarah and Al – Sarah being the younger sister of Ellen, whose wedding I documented 7 years ago in the same place.

Nestled in the quiet landscape of the venue, Sarah and Al started their life together…here are a few favorites from the day.

meredith_manor_wedding_001 meredith_manor_wedding_002 meredith_manor_wedding_003 meredith_manor_wedding_004 meredith_manor_wedding_005 meredith_manor_wedding_006 meredith_manor_wedding_007 meredith_manor_wedding_008 meredith_manor_wedding_009 meredith_manor_wedding_010 meredith_manor_wedding_011 meredith_manor_wedding_012 meredith_manor_wedding_013 meredith_manor_wedding_014 meredith_manor_wedding_015 meredith_manor_wedding_016 meredith_manor_wedding_017 meredith_manor_wedding_018 meredith_manor_wedding_019 meredith_manor_wedding_020 meredith_manor_wedding_021 meredith_manor_wedding_022 meredith_manor_wedding_023 meredith_manor_wedding_024 meredith_manor_wedding_025 meredith_manor_wedding_026 meredith_manor_wedding_027 meredith_manor_wedding_028 meredith_manor_wedding_029 meredith_manor_wedding_030 meredith_manor_wedding_031 meredith_manor_wedding_032 meredith_manor_wedding_033 meredith_manor_wedding_034 meredith_manor_wedding_035 meredith_manor_wedding_036

Oh…and here’s a flashback 7 years…


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