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Last night I received an email from a sweet, past bride, checkin’ in with me to see how I was doing and asking if I was ready for wedding season. Then it hit me…my 9th wedding season starts on Saturday! While you would think that I’d be totally used to the ebb and flow of this creative path in my life, the truth is that I still get nervous before every wedding, anxious at the onset of each season and excited to be in the throws of it all.

I’ve been shooting a bunch during my break…alot of maternity and newborn sessions for past couples (LOVE documenting the continuation of their story), hosting get togethers with other creative entrepreneurs (I host the Lehigh Valley/Bucks County Rising Tide chapter), hanging out with the overgrown puppies, the children that are all taller than me and the husband who is getting ready to host an art show showcasing his latest series, hosting a few events in the studio (the Little Love Portraits & the Pay It Forward Event)…so, it hasn’t been completely quiet.

IMP_3999 IMP_3991

BUT…I have had some time to reflect on past seasons, restructure my workflow and overall approach to the wedding side of my business and iron out details for some new things coming soon (ahem…maybe letting go of my fear and finally sending off my book for publication!). Probably the biggest decisions I’ve made during winter break is that I’ve decided that I’m only going to take on 26 weddings a season. I’ve gone from 51 weddings my first and second season to a steady 38-43 and finally decided that it was way too much and found my happy number at 26. That’s huge! Not the decrease in number but rather finally realizing that I can be selective and taking time to really cater to my couples, their families and myself.


IMP_3993So, here’s to the 2017 wedding season and the prep that’s going into 2018. It’s going to be fun and I’m excited to share it with you guys here…my little slice of the interwebs.
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