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Monthly Archives: May 2008


Despite the price of gas…when your husband tells you to get gas in your car…don’t argue…justView full post »

On the other side of the lens…part deux

In trying to get Mike to understand what I was trying to get him to do with the camera, I took the camera from him andView full post »

On the other side of the lens

Could I just let everyone know now how freakin’ unnerving it is to be on the other side of the camera?! I haveView full post »

Mad Skillz

It’s a good thing I was already on the floor when I took these pictures because I could not stop from laughing,View full post »


Quite possibly one of the cutest, sassiest little girls to walk the planet.View full post »


I sat outside last night, shootin’ the breeze with my neighbor, when she blurted out…”you know, yourView full post »

How old are your twins?

It’s a question we get all the time. And while they may not be twins, they’re certainly joined atView full post »


How old were you the first time that you saw the Thriller video? I was 7…not too much older than this guy. AView full post »

The Lake House

I totally loved shooting a wedding here. It was absofreakingloutely fabulous in every way possible! The food…View full post »