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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Marisa & Chris: Married!

I had no idea whether or not I would be able to translate my vision of a wedding into photographs clients would like.View full post »


…for my husband and children.  They are certainly the reason I spend 24 hours in the kitchen during thisView full post »

Because after a weekend like the one I had, this made me happy

I pretty much plan my life via copious notepads. Free time is sparse so I try to use it wisely.  I had beenView full post »


I know I say that all of my weddings are awesome…but the one that’s coming up next will forever have aView full post »

The Yerton Family

It seems like forever since I photographed a family…and I totally missed it.  With all the hustle and bustleView full post »

Byer’s Choice Engagement: Holly & Wayne

When I called them to wish them a Happy New Year this past January, I never expected Wayne to tell me that he hadView full post »

Either way you slice it…

…history will be made today…whether it’s McCain as the oldest president elected to his first term,View full post »

Happy November

Don’t forget that tonight Daylight Savings Time ticks into effect…one hour back.View full post »