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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Ridley Creek State Park Day After Session : Jamie and Mike

Day After (or in their case, year and a half after) pictures are THE.FREAKIN’.BESTEST! Jamie…you’View full post »

Empire State Building Wedding: Carolina and Ramon

As 2009 draws to an end and we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, I can’t help but feel extremely blessed andView full post »

Bristol, Pennsylvania | Kimberly and Peter: Engaged!

Sunday morning are AWESOME when you start them off like this… The worked for and met at the post office. ThisView full post »

Bear Creek Mountain Resort | Erin and Dustin: Sneak Peek

Yesterday was my last wedding for 2009 and it could not have ended on a more bittersweet note. The sweet… TheView full post »

A bird’s eye view

It’s been a few days since Sophie came home and she’s acclimated herself to our crazy environment…View full post »

A love story

He’d been dreaming of her forever. He’d pass by her and whisper to her in a hush tone.  Sweet nothingView full post »

If not this…then that

Elia was studying theorems last night…clearly a form of torture that some mathmetician thought of.  She wasView full post »

Fonthill Museum Engagement: Lynne and Dustin

On an afternoon where 9 other photographers were doing the same thing at the same, Lynne, Dustin and I decided to takeView full post »

Meredith Manor Wedding: Ellen and Steve

Ellen and Steve are sweet. Like cavity sweet. And their boys? Bestill my beating heart…I adore them.  TogetherView full post »