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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Westover Country Club Wedding: Nora and Scott

One assignment that they had to complete before they were married were to compose a letter stating the reasons whyView full post »

The last burrr of 2010

Before 2010 checks out, it decided to give us a reminder of what we started the year with. And, because I don’tView full post »

Merry Christmas!

The house is littered with wrapping paper. A Christmas Story plays in the background. There are legos every where. TheView full post »

Happy and Merry

It’s been a whirlwind…this week, this month, this year. And, I couldn’t be more grateful for theView full post »

A Hipstamatic Christmas 2010

Every year I dread going down into the basement and pulling out the boxes; The 5 ginormous boxes that contain all ofView full post »

Philadelphia Engagement: Kara and Kendall

They took me back to a place that has meaning to them. A place where the shells outline the terrain and memories ofView full post »

Tips and Tricks: Transitions

Unlike film, one of the glorious aspects of the digital era is that as photographers, we can shoot to our heart’View full post »

Packer Memorial Church | Lehigh University Wedding: Rebecca and Daniel

Life had been running circles around them. They had bought a house, started remodeling it, were planning a wedding,View full post »