If you ask him what his favorite thing was he’d rattle off a list of about 20!
He made out like a bandit! The DS like his older brother…every Transformer made, Power Rangers galore, movies, games and a bunch of other stuff. He’s been bouncing from one thing to the other since Santa’s arrival and it’s been awesome watching him be so happy. The expressions on his face on Christmas morning were just priceless. So, the pictures are blurry because I was trying to look at him as opposed to look at him through the view finder.

I hope that Santa was great to all of you!

Among all the other holiday festivities that we have been attending this past week was Sydney’s holiday concert. Can I just tell you how flippin’ cute all these out of tune cuties were together on stage?

Of course, I’m just partial to this little elf…

What was pretty cool about the concert was that in the middle of one of their Santa songs who should appear but the man himself. The kids went bananas!

So very cute…

I took some time out yesterday to watch the ice form on the trees outside. Though it was a pain to drive in and it was incredibly slick to walk on, I think it looked totally peaceful.

Then last night, when I was attempting to make Christmas cards upstairs in my scrapbooking studio, I looked out the window and saw this…

I thought it was the coolest string of lights and rather than being the fake store bought kind, they were totally natural.

I hope you got the opportunity to enjoy the ice yesterday!