And this is how we started the year…
Mix match jammies, cameras that we got at dinner last night and just hanging out all day. I love that when he shoved the camera in my face he proceeded say, “mommy…saaaayyyy….pickles and prunes…..” Instead of cheese….much like the craziness I say to him when I want to snap a shot of him. That, in and of itself, made me smile.
When the 27 exposures were done he said, “why doesn’t it last forever like your camera?” hehehe…
In other blog news…if you look to the right you’ll see a little flickr badge — 365…a photo a day. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It should be fun to see how we change in a year.

Happy 2008, everyone!

Those that know me know that I’m super shy and a bit of a social recluse. Shocker..I know! LOL! Still, this summer we spent alot of time outside and by we, I mean Nicholas. Just so happens that right next door are a couple of awesome kids with equally awesome parents. Nicholas soon became a regular on their back porch and all the kids became fast friends. I also found myself chatting a little bit more regularly with the neighbors than what I’m accustomed to and I’m really glad that I have taken myself out of my shell in order to get to know my neighbors a little bit more. They really are a wonderful family.

So, when mom told me that they didn’t have a family portrait, and after I cringed at the thought of a family not having a family picture, I knew that I had to capture their tiny family for them.

I had a great time with all of them. The youngest member, Nico’s neighborhood bud, was totally shy at first, but once I got him to come around and make nice with the camera, he turned out some totally handsome smiles for me. And those eyes…just beautiful…

Miss M’s eyes were equally as beautiful…and she’s just a total sweetie.

Being relatively new to the neighborhood, mom and dad have been extremely helpful with everything that goes on in our little town…like the tip on Christmas Eve that Santa was going to come right past our house. Totally amazing and totally something I wouldn’t have ever known had it not come from my neighbors. I’m so happy that I was able to do something nice for them, if anything, in appreciation for getting me outside more and getting to know my surroundings better.

Thanks guys! Enjoy your slideshow : )

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    Isabel, we loved our pics !!!!! Thanks so much . I can tell we will be using your serves again .
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