I took some time out yesterday to watch the ice form on the trees outside. Though it was a pain to drive in and it was incredibly slick to walk on, I think it looked totally peaceful.

Then last night, when I was attempting to make Christmas cards upstairs in my scrapbooking studio, I looked out the window and saw this…

I thought it was the coolest string of lights and rather than being the fake store bought kind, they were totally natural.

I hope you got the opportunity to enjoy the ice yesterday!

…are getting your school pictures taken. And while I wrote out a check in order to purchase a package, I thought I’d better get some shots of my own since I’m not too in love with the photos that come back from the photographer that snaps school picture shots.
I thought you looked absolutely handsome today. Even your dad exclaimed how much you looked like a little man when he walked through the door from work. You seemed to really like the style as well. Something different, I suppose, than the standard tee-shirt, jeans and sweatshirt that you customarily pick out for school. I also suppose that this different “look” that you were sportin’ today caused you to actually sit in front of the camera for me.

As I looked through the shots I got this morning I started to realize that you are, in fact, a big boy. Very independent, very opinionated, very sweet… I marvel at how you rationalize things and come up with convincing arguments to even the simplest of discussions we have. You are certainly very bright and witty, too. And while all of these traits are evidence that you are growing up, I still love the fact that you cuddle and give out “huggies” and are very much my little boy — as you love to point out when you know you are in trouble.

So, as I sent you off to school this morning, all daper ready to get your pictures snapped by someone other than me, I thought about all the characteristics that you are developing as a big boy and totally cherished even more the little boy that you are always going to be to your momma.

Lastly, I hoped that you would give your best movie star smile this morning and not stick out your tounge and issue a zerbert at the photographer…as you most of the time do for me : ).

  • jadadog

    They are beautiful pictures!!! I too dislike the school pix! Maybe you should come here for our school photos!!! I love your pictures (as usual!)ReplyCancel

  • scrappermimi

    Fab pics! Just wonderful! It is funny how one day you can just look at your kids and realize how much they grow!ReplyCancel

  • scrapandthecity

    girl, he is getting so big. time flies… its a mess!


They wanted to surpise mom and dad with photos of all 5 of them.

I love it when pictures tell the personality of those being photographed.

These guys were a total blast to photograph. So relaxed and fun to work with. What I especially loved was that in between shots there was a football being tossed around. You’d be walking around the field at Valley Forge Park and all of a sudden…woosh! a football whizzin’ by your head.

By far this was one of my favorite sessions yet!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Isabel, it’s Melanie aka Melb. I am just loving these photo’s. I really like the one of them standing against the wall. I was thinking of something like that with my family. I will have to email you.ReplyCancel

It’s crazy to think that an entire week has gone by.
I’ve been crazy busy with the wrap up of my holiday sessions and trying to get them out the door so that everyone could have their prints before the holidays. Glad to report that I only have two more sessions left.
I’d really love to thank all the families that I was so fortunate to capture this year. It’s been an absolutely amazing ride for me and I just can’t thank you all enough!

Other than photography…

Our tree is up.
Nico was super excited to participate this year and we had a total blast watching him. I guess it’s really the first year that he really gets what the holiday season is all about. The whole Santa thing, christmas trees, stockings…

I love our tree. Every year I moan and groan at the thought of dragging everything up from the basement and putting it all together. This year was no different. However, once it’s all up and out, the house looks so pretty and I simply love the glow that the tree gives the entire downstairs at night. There’s something so peaceful about it.

This year, our tree seems to be covered with ball ornaments. We had some break over the summer while little people, who shall remain nameless, were rummaging around in the basement. We bought some new ball ornaments during the week and came to realize that we didn’t really lose as much as I thought we had. So now…we have a tree full of sparkly ball ornaments and not too much of anything else. As a relatively new family, our goal is to buy a new ornament each year for us and all the kids — something that represents us/them for the year. That way, when we’re old and grey, and the children have families and trees of their own, they also have the ornaments that we had for them when they were little.
Out of the whole putting-together-the-tree experience though, my absolute favorite is getting to watch the kids put the star on the tree. This year was Nico’s turn…

So, that’s it…a recap of my week. It’s off to shovel freshly fallen snow, make more coffee and clean out Nico’s closet (UGH!).

For me, photography is about capturing the essence of a family or individual. I watch them as they go about life, snapping at what seems to be the most inconsequential event, yet it’s something that totally describes their being. It’s about preserving a little piece of time in order to be able to retell its story in the future.
Photographing a family is extremely special for me — it reminds me of the roots of my family and the branches that have been created as we each grow. I’m thrilled every time I get asked by a family to capture them so that their story can be told through photographs.
I spent this afternoon with a totally cute “new” family. They had yet to have their family photographed and I am totally thankful to be the photographer that got to do the honors. Their newest addition to the family was beyond cute. So loved by his parents — the total apple of their eye…and so awesome to photograph.

Guys, thanks for letting me spend the afternoon with you! Enjoy your sneak peek!

**ETA** The slideshow from our morning together

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    totally gorgeous.

    awesome- i just might have to challenge myself to be shot by you.


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    giel, is this at the spot! looking good