Yesterday we went to lunch and as I looked out the restaurant window, incredulously I asked, “is that snow?!” With a grimace, Mike responded, “yes…the gloom of winter has arrived.” He’s so the winter gloom cloud — loves this type of weather. Being the Floridian that I am, the winter months bum me out a little bit since the sun rarely peeks through.
This morning, as I looked out the window, there it was again…snow…in full force. I looked over to the right of the yard and felt a little cheated as I saw that our tree still had it’s bright yellow fall foliage on its branches.

So, while it’s definitely the start of the snowy season, I’m framing the picture posted and putting it on my desk so that it can remind me of the fall I feel jipped out of.

He’s not a morning person by any means. Quite like his father in that respect. Don’t even bother acknowledging him within the first hour of him opening his eyes. He won’t bother acknowledging you unless it’s with a grunt questioning why you woke him from his slumber or why you’re not moving fast enough to get him his requested breakfast.

So, I was quite surprised when I managed to get this face from him the other morning.

Then we got in the car, started on our way to school…I started chatting, looked in the rear view mirror and saw this.

The morning imp.

I had the awesome pleasure of meeting up with this family of 7 at Valley Forge Park. Not only were the sweet and amazing to work with, their cutie hounds were extremely well behaved…probably something to do with the plethora of treats that they recieved during the shoot.

Here’s a sneak peek for Jenn, who organized the whole shoot for her family.


and the pups…