I had the awesome pleasure of meeting up with this family of 7 at Valley Forge Park. Not only were the sweet and amazing to work with, their cutie hounds were extremely well behaved…probably something to do with the plethora of treats that they recieved during the shoot.

Here’s a sneak peek for Jenn, who organized the whole shoot for her family.


and the pups…

I have been completely overwhelmed with the amount of entries that I recieved to the contest. Holy cow!

When I was reading through the entries that were submitted one of them really stood out to me…mostly because I can totally relate to it. As a mom, I’m rarely on the other side of the camera. I’m the one taking the picture 99.9% of the time. And that 1%, well, let’s just say that make-up and hair have to be just right. Which is really horrible. I should take more pictures with the kids and just be in more pictures more often. It’s a promise I’m making to myself…be in pictures more…despite the hair and make-up bit. Just grab a kid and smile!

And…I wholeheartedly encourge all moms (and dads and grandparents) to do the same. Relinquish control of the camera and say cheese!

Back to the winner…

Ashlynne has this cutie patootie of a 7 month old baby boy and has yet to have a family picture — aside from candid ones taking shortly after her cutie was born. She’s the mom that takes the pictures…just like me! I can’t wait to take pictures of her family for her…not to mention sneak some shots of her little boy! Congrats, Ashlynne!

This morning I was going through some old pictures and came across these…
Circa 1976ish (my sisters would know better since I was obvioulsy a wee babe in the middle of Disney World)

and this one…circa 1980? I think I was maybe all of 5 years old on my way to visit my godparents in Madrid.

Anyway, family pictures. And really, these two are two of four family pictures that I think my family has all together. And while they crack me up because I remember small details of these pictures — like I think I have that funky shirt my sister, Cary, is wearing in the second picture, somewhere in my closet. (I thought it was the coolest thing while I was in high school because, you know, it was retro!) — I think it’s totally sad that these are the only complete family pictures that we are ever going to have.

I totally wish that we could have had one professional one before my mom passed away.

Part of the reason that I decided to devote my time to my photography is family and the roots of our family. Good, bad or indifferent, it’s where we come from and in the end, what we have to call our own. Preserving our family and its history is what continues from generation to generation and it’s what I try to accomplish everyday, whether it be by journaling in my kids’ journals, scrapbooking a page in their album or taking pictures — tons of pictures.

So, in the spirit of preserving family momentos, I am having a contest…

Send me a picture of yourself, your family, your child(ren), your grandchild(ren) or even your friend and tell me why you, or your child(ren), or your grandchild(ren) or your friend should have a fresh, new and updated photo shoot done.

The winner will recieve a free photo session with me and a free 11×14 print from their session!

I’ll pick a winner on Sunday so spread the word!

EDITED: The best way to get your photos to me would be to email them to me…my email address is isabel@isabelmarchphotography.com

  • Ashlynne

    I would like to enter your contest. My family could really use a family portrait because we haven’t had one taken yet and my son is 7 months old. Because I am the one who does the pictures at home, I never end up in them. So we have very few pictures together. I am not sure how to attach a photo here, but would love to do so. Can you please post directions?ReplyCancel

As the momma of 4 kids I can totally relate to the mom in this family. This shoot was just as if I were taking my own brood out for pictures…crazy and rambunctious and loud and a total blast.
The boys are…well…boys. Very handsome young men that just wouldn’t sit still for a picture without adding moose ears to the poor soul next to them — as evidenced by the following outake shots. They added a total sense of excitment to the afternoon and we pretty much laughed our way through the shoot.

I figured that as long as I kept hitting the shutter button, something good would come out. And really, these boys couldn’t be more handsome. Myspace girls’ moms, beware! These boys are as charming as they are cute!

And then there’s the little lady of the crew. So sweet and tolerant of her older brothers…and can so totally hold her own.

Our two hours went by super fast -especially considering that we managed to get way off course during our hike in the middle of Peace Valley Park. The afternoon lent itself for some amazing scenery and a fun time by all of us.
Guys, thanks so much for a crazy afternoon! I had a blast!

EDITED: Here’s a slideshow of my wild and crazy afternoon

  • scrapandthecity

    these are very nice!


Every year it starts with the pumkin…Nico picks the theme, I visualize his concept and Mike carves it out. This year was no different, however, this year I will spare you the visuals of pumpkin innerds.

I figured that rather than prolonging Nico’s agony of having to wait til I was done photographing him before he could go out trick o’ treating, I’d get him to dress up the day before in order to get some shots of him in his costume. He loved the fact that his costume came out of hiding and that he was able to wear it for a few hours.

He was also super stoked that on Halloween day he got to wear his costume to school and show it off to all his buddies. His Halloween parade was really cute and the kids were able to get a sampling of what trick o’ treating was going to be like later on in the evening as they were able to get treats from the parents.

I’m so diggin’ on the pirate’s expression in this picture. Totally cracked me up!

And, of course, while all the other dad’s (all 3 that were there) wore suits and ties, Mike was sportin’ his favorite shirt of all time.

The rest of the night I decided to take off my photographer’s hat and just enjoy the night as a mom. Both Nico and Syd dragged home bags full of chocolatey goodness and enjoyed themselves this halloweenie.