…and really, I’m his momma so I’m kinda baised in that respect.

So, anyway, Batman. Oddly enough, it’s NOT what he’s going to be for Halloweenie. That special night is saved for the ever coveted Red Power Ranger costume. Batman is just one of the two costumes that Nicholas has just taken to living in. It’s either this or the ghostly ghoul from Scream — just the one with the tounge hanging out (his older sister’s costume from 3 Halloweenie’s ago that he found in the basement).

He runs around in this costume from the time he gets home from school til the second it’s time to get ready for bed. The poor thing, really, has seen better days. Still, you have to love a kid’s imagination!

This afternoon, I figured that before the Power Ranger took over, that I’d get some shots of Batman so that this episode of life wouldn’t be forgotten.

Being a Floridian I never got to experience the seasons change. Our seasons consisted of sun, rain, hot and humid. I remember the first time that I visited Pennsylvania. It was during the fall. I was immediately hooked when I saw a pile of leaves on the side of the road…on some quaint little street in the middle of Allentown.

Fast forward seven years and while I think that the leaves on my lawn are a pain since they’re going to kill the grass and I refuse to rake them, I still think that the fall season in Pennsylvania is by far the prettiest season.

We took a trip out to Lake Nockamixon one nice crisp fall evening last week. Nicholas loves feeding the abnormally large fish and we had a loaf of bread to kill. The second we rounded the corner headed towards the dock, I made Mike stop the car so that I could snap this shot.

One day, I hope to have a boat to dock here…

This little dude was all out on the lake by his lonesome. Really…does it get any better?

And while I snapped away, I peeked over and saw one of my favorite models. He’d have a splendid portfolio by now…

Nicholas was off somewhere with the loaf of bread, clad in his Batman uniform, feeding the fish and duck.

Once I started to freeze (granted, it was probably all of 70 degrees, but part of being a Floridian is that anything under 75 is freezing), we packed up the car and started to head out.

This was along the way…a sure sign of Pennsylvania in the fall.

And as we turned the corner to our street…this was the image. I’m sure that in a few days that leaves will have completely changed color.

So, while there are certainly times where I miss the ocean and the fact that I was always no more than 10 minutes from it, I certainly appreciate Pennsylvania and it’s fall season.

There’s a bond between sisters that really can’t be compared. Despite what may happen in life, your sister always has your back. These two cuties…despite their typical sibling rivalry have an amazing bond and a sincere love and admiration for each other which, I’m sure, will last through time.

And if ever there were two girlie girls…these two are it!

They are so incredibly sweet and playful…

and I totally can’t wait to see what these future heartbreakers have in store for their future.

You can view our complete session at the park here…

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