Now I know why I’ve never been too excited to go on a hayride…what seems to be Pennsylvania’s staple activity as soon as fall hits. I nearly hurled as the hay filled cart that we were being lugged in bumped along behind its tractor. Nonetheless, we were on our way to pick our yearly pumpkin. Normally, we just go to a farm and pick from a parking lot full of pumpkins. However, this year, Mike decided that we should pick our own…in a field…in the dirt…with the kids. So after driving nearly 50 minutes through the Lehigh Valley, we arrived at Seiple’s Farm. Pumpkins and fall activities galore!

We were dropped off in the middle of a pumpkin field…miles of corn, pumpkins and ghords around us. The kids took off with their bags and picked nearly every little pumpkin they could lay their hands on. I tried not to get vines and twigs stuck in my flip flops.

We decided that since we were picking all the oddities of the patch that we would pick out some corn too…and a hay bail…to decorate the front of the house. Not having watched Children of the Corn, Mike braved it and went in to pick it.

As soon as we started walking back with the loot that we had plundered, I spotted him. He was across the field. The sun on his back. The perfect pumpkin that would adorn our front porch this Halloweenie season!

I was a good 30 feet away, but I knew that he was the pumpkin that I wanted for our front porch. The kids and I were giddy as Mike grunted at how heavy he was.

I couldn’t wait to get him back to the farm to see how big he was. And when he was plopped on the scale it read 41 pounds! Crazy! What was even crazier was with all the stuff we bought the bill only came out to a little over $12!

So after riding some ponies, checking out the farm animals and loading up the car with out loot, we headed back to civilization. Good times were had at the farm in the middle of nowhere, but next time, I think I’ll pass on the hayride.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what we ended up bringing home…here’s some of the Halloweenie decor I’ve managed to put up.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have this insatiable draw to anything Egyptian. If ever I’m asked what period of time I could go back and travel to I always answer the same…anywhere around the time of Ramses or Tut. It’s just simply fascinating to me. I’ve watched every Discovery Channel documentary, every Dr. Zahi Hawass interview, anything Egyptian and I’m there.

So you would think that I would have run to Philly to catch the Tut exhibit that has been there since February, right? Nope. I waited until nearly the last possible day to go. Luckily, we checked online before we schlepped to the Ben Franklin Institute because we needed to get tickets in advance…nothing like reserving them on Wednesday for the Friday visit!

We caught the IMAX showing of Secrets of the Mummies — totally cool. The exhibit was really neat too. It was full of artifacts that were found in Tut’s tomb back in 1922…nearly 3000 years since they had been laid to rest beneath the earth. And for those of you that are wondering…no…Tut didn’t make the trip from Egypt. He was left behind. Regardless, Mike and I really enjoyed the morning that we got to spend at the Institute. The only bummer was the fact that the museum staff made it emphatically clear that no photos were allowed : ( So the only images I were able to get were ones of Ben…greeting us in the lobby.

  • scrapandthecity

    dawn is facinated with all things egypt too. the exhibit and imax film were cool. love the pic of ben.


For some reason, I can preach a good one on how to push yourself, get out of your shell, make your wildest dreams come true because, after all, if you really set your mind to it, you can do anything. However, when it comes to following my own advice, I really suck at it. I always seem to come up with the best excuses on why things just don’t happen…not enough time, not enough money, not enough whatever. This time I really just have no excuse.

A few weeks ago it all started to happen. People…other than my own family, actually let me take a picture or two or 187 of them. One of the first opportunities I had was with a friend of mine and her truly awesome daughter. We chatted about scrapbooking, which is how we met, and gossiped about trends as I snapped photos of Miss A. I managed to get her momma in a couple — although I know she was reluctant — Miss is my MAC lipstick on. We had a great time and I was surprised to find what was on my camera card when I got home.

It took me a while to figure out the beast that is Photoshop. Really? Could it be any more difficult?! But 4 manuals, lots of visual examples and succumbing to actually taking a course in it later, I came up with these…a few of my favs from one of my very first photoshoots.

Thanks ladies, for breaking me out of my shell.

  • scrapandthecity

    no thank you!. it was such a treat to be your subjects!
    best wiches to you on everything you do!


turn 10! A decade…

Your world revolves around videogames. My world revolves around you. It’s true that you love all your children. It’s also true that there is something special about each one of them that simply takes your breath away and captivates you into loving them more…in a unique way, per se.
With you, it’s all about our relationship. From day one you captivated me…with your long hair, chubby cheeks, quiet nature. We had a bond completely different than the one I had with your sister. A quiet one that ran deep; one that I didn’t have to describe, one where we didn’t have to be all mushy about it. When I thought that bond was lost, I was beyond devestated. But then, I learned that it wasn’t…that it could be mended and restored…that you and I were not lost. It takes us time, it takes alot of work, it’s not out in the open like my relationship with your sister and your brother…however, I think it’s one of the strongest bonds there is in this family.
I love you, dude. Through think, thin, distance…you complete me and having been your mom for 10 year thus far has been one of the most amazing rides, fullfilling experiences, and undeniable loves of my life.