turn 10! A decade…

Your world revolves around videogames. My world revolves around you. It’s true that you love all your children. It’s also true that there is something special about each one of them that simply takes your breath away and captivates you into loving them more…in a unique way, per se.
With you, it’s all about our relationship. From day one you captivated me…with your long hair, chubby cheeks, quiet nature. We had a bond completely different than the one I had with your sister. A quiet one that ran deep; one that I didn’t have to describe, one where we didn’t have to be all mushy about it. When I thought that bond was lost, I was beyond devestated. But then, I learned that it wasn’t…that it could be mended and restored…that you and I were not lost. It takes us time, it takes alot of work, it’s not out in the open like my relationship with your sister and your brother…however, I think it’s one of the strongest bonds there is in this family.
I love you, dude. Through think, thin, distance…you complete me and having been your mom for 10 year thus far has been one of the most amazing rides, fullfilling experiences, and undeniable loves of my life.